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My go-to genre is YA. Especially if it is Paranormal or Fantasy.

Legend - Marie Lu This was a very quick read as in I read 2/3 this morning while my poor sick kids watched cartoons. I quite enjoyed the story, the world and especially the characters. I'm really looking forward to the next one.One thing in particular I enjoyed was the fact that I think we will actually get some answers as to how the whole world got to be "dystopian" in the first place. That tends to be one of my main complaints when reading this genre... I always want to know how things got so bad, what happened and, quite often, it's never really explained. There were hints in the book that answers may be forthcoming and I appreciate that.I liked the pace of the story and I liked that neither main character spent pages and pages mooning about their feelings. I've read too many perpetual love triangle series lately and it was a relief to not see that least for right now.

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