Books I Like, Books I Love (and books I don't)

My go-to genre is YA. Especially if it is Paranormal or Fantasy.

Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter So Kylie a typical 16 year old with some typical problems...parents divorcing, recent breakup with boyfriend, growing apart from her best friend. She also has some unusual problems such as seeing a ghost wherever she goes. This all culminates in her being sent to a camp for "troubled" teens. Which is where the story really starts.This is the type of book I almost always gravitate towards. Lop-sided love triangle with a supernatural bent. I have to say I wasn't disappointed...I thought it was a fun, enjoyable read with fairly engaging characters. I even felt the secondary characters were fleshed out enough that I could easily tell them apart (this does not always happen with this genre). Although the story followed a somewhat predictable path I was happy to be along for the ride and I will definitely read the next one.

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