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My go-to genre is YA. Especially if it is Paranormal or Fantasy.

Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini I finished this book last night and, after thinking about it off and on during the day, I think I would have really given it 3.5 stars if I could. I quite enjoyed it once I managed to actually sit down and read it. It kept me entertained throughout although I couldn't help to compare it to other series out there. Twilight (which i liked a whole lot less) and The Mortal Instruments (which I enjoyed a great deal more) come immediately to mind.I can't say I remember enough of my Greek mythology to say whether or not the author got the details right but there were a few continuity issues I wish would have been addressed. I also found the heroine of the story to be a little bland. At one point in the novel Lucas tells Helen that he wished she could see herself the way he saw her and truthfully? I wish I could too. I just didn't see what was so great about her...we were told lots of things but I really prefer to get to know the characters by being shown what their awesome qualities are. I did really like all of the supporting characters and found the were well enough defined that I never got them mixed up.I will definitely read the next one but I've got others I would prefer to read first before I get around to it.

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